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Lynn Pops goes Sex Toy Shopping with ANF and "Corpsy at the Novelty Expo at AEE 2014

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Frank Thomas - After doing interviews with porn stars at AEE 2014, Robert "Corpsy" Rhine, publisher of Girls and Corpses magazine asked me if I would like to follow sexy fetish model, Lynn Pops as she goes shopping for a new sex toy at the Novelty Expo across from the main room at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. I thought this would be intertaining so we went shopping.

After walking around the Novelty Expo, which did not take too long, we asked Lynn if she saw anything that interested her, and there were a few companies that we had to check out further. The first was a UK dildo maker, Nalone Amore that was just making its break into the US market. She was shown a couple of their new toys, but Lynn loved the massive pink dildo over the remote controll pocket rocket.

We then made out way over to another new unique high-end toy company, Dacere' that featured metalic dildos and butt plugs in all different shapes and forms. Lynn again quickly took to a heavy curved silver dildo that was made to massage the G-spot. Close by to Dacere' was another unique company, that made dildos and toys from exotic stone. You could not miss this booth at the convention as they had a huge gold penis in front of their booth where they had all the porn star pose and autograph the phallic.

The last company that caught our attention was the weirdest, but most interesting, Dr. Clockworks where we met Dr. Clockwork who reminded me of a cross between the mad hatter and a crazy professor. This booth was full of shocking fetish items from electrical rope to gynocological gadgets. There was so much eletrical vibes from this booth that it interfered with my wireless microphone.

There were other booths and I think Lynn was both exhausted and satisfied at the end of the day. I can say which toy or toys she walked away with, but I can guarantee that she scored big with her toy shopping at AEE. You will have to follow Lynn on twitter to see more @LynnPops, "Corpsy" @girlsNcorpses and Frank Thomas ANF @WildWildWestEnt



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