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Boobs of all shapes and sizes crowded the boardwalk at Venice Beach Sunday afternoon for the annual "Go Topless Day" march, an event that took place all over the globe.

The kooky little tradition has been entertaining residents and thrilling tourists at Venice Beach for the past five years.

Participating women covered their nipples with latex nipple lookalikes, while men in support of the cause donned red bikini tops to protest unequal topless laws.

The protest is led by the Raelians, a religious movement that believes human beings were created by alien scientists called the Elohim.

Because women and men were created equally, say the Raelians, both sexes should have the constitutional right to go topless. The alien origins behind this movement probably won't appeal to a mainstream audience, but as nude resort owner Tom Mulhall asked in a recent blog post, why not go topless?

Leaders say they will also petition President Obama to make “Go Topless Day” a national event. (The organization’s website showcases the president, with ridiculously-ripped abs, and wearing a white bikini top.)

Go Topless Day was organized by Rael, spiritual group leader of the Raelian movement based in LA. Today marked the 5th annual event.

The group believes people on Earth were scientifically created by space aliens.

Topless Day events were also held in approximately 50 cities across the US and globe including San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Denver, Miami, London, Tel Aviv, Paris and Amsterdam.

Women are invited to go completely topless or cover their nipples with red tape, pasties or band aids.



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