The Paris House Party is a bust for the Nicki Hunter Benefit


Frank Thomas -

Adult News Flash has been covering Luis De Paz parties for the past few years and there have been some meoriable ones including the party at Zazibar in Santa Monica in 2005; the post Erotica LA party at Day afer and a Mofo party somewhere in the San Gabriel Valley. I stared recieving emails and text messages about this party/benefit in Hollywood about a month ago and was really looking forward to a great party when I found out this would be a benefit for the Hunter Care Foundation. Adult News Flash has supported every benefit for Nicki since we found out about her unfortunate health situation.

On Saturday October 11th, I was asked to cover the Free Speech Coalition Benefit/Fund Raiser for Steletto TV at the Globe Theatre at Universal City Walk. I told Gary Gotlieb that I would be happy to cover the event, but would have to leave by 9:00 p.m. because I needed to cover the Hunter Care party.

At the FSP party I ran into Zander Kane, a new Adult News Flash reporter, and for the next couple hours we had a good time geting interviews with the likes of Larry Flynt, Max Hardcore, Nina Hartly, and host Chi Chi Larue. (The video interviews and Zanders account of the night will be posted on ANF soon)

We arrived tp the Paris House location at Hollywood and Vine expecting a long line of supporter ready to party. What we found was a very disappointed Nicki Hunter and a few friends contemplating what was going to happen with the benefit.

In a short interview, Nicki explained that this was to be the first in a series of benefits for the Hunter Care Foundation which started out as a fund raising organization to raise funds for Nicki to help her battle cancer. In early 2007, Hunter was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma (T-cell ALL), a complex form of cancer targeting the lymph system.Fundraising events were arranged with the help of the porn community to help off set some her medical costs and expenses due to suddenly being unable to work. Her medical expenses were reported in late April 2007 as being "deep in the six figures". In appreciation of the overwhelming support shown, Nicki Hunter founded C.A.R.E., a non-profit organization which assists other cancer survivors in the adult entertainment industry.

After about fifteen minutes waiting in the cold to see if the promoters were going to arrive to explain what was going on, Nicki, Zander and others took the party to the Rainbow on the Sunset Strip. Nicki is a trooper and was in good spirits throughout this ordeal.

I hope the promoters including Luis De Paz take care of what they need to take care of regarding this and somehow make it up to Nicki's Hunter Care Foundation with a huge donation.

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