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P.A.W. Bare Bowling 2011 Interviews

The Bare Bowling charity fund raiser was held on September 4th at an undisclosed bowling alley in "Porn Valley" benefiting P.A.W. (Protecting Adult Welfare), which provides medical outreach and other services to adult performers. Bare Bowling was hosted by XRCO Heart-On girl, Sensi Pearl and featured a plethora of porn stars including talent from Ideal Image Management and World Modeling. This event was definitely a special occasion for the porn fan with a camera who got the chance to get up and close and personal with a naked porn star (something fans can not do at the conventions.)

Adult News Flash and Corpsy, publisher of "Girls and Corpses" magazine took some of the "bare bowlers" away from the lanes for interviews in the private media room, away from the throng of amature photographers. Hostess, Sensi Pearl, who just shot an upcoming cover for "Girls and Corpses" magazine joined us in the media room. Sensi was wearing a sexy sailor outfit, shed her clothes and showed how she stayed in shape, by performing naked ballet across the room. OC Model, Sami Sorrentino, who just started performing scenes, showed us how she was not that great of a bowler was pretty good with Corpsey's skulls he brought to the lanes. I ran into Jeska Vardensky who flashed me without even being asked. She told us about being into the "ganja" but would "never" partake while shooting. After the interview she got naked to show off her wild tatoos.

Corpsy also interviewed Nadia Knight who was basically naked the whole event, and said she would be naked all the time if it wasn't against the law. Tessa Lane seemed to enjoy her first Bare Bowling event after having just gotten into porn two months ago. When asked who would be her fantasy person to work with, she jumped in with Jenna Haze. We would like to see that.

Check out Sensi Pearl, Jeska Varlenski, Nadia Knight, and Tessa Lane on and or Facebook.

For more information on the P.A.W Foundation go to and check out Girls and Corpses magazine with Tera Patrick on the current issue.




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