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Video from Galaxy Publishing Party at P71 for XXX Truth or Dare -the Adult Boardgame




P71 in Studio City, was the place to be on Wednesday nite May 9th at a special promotional party and press junket produced by Galaxy Publicity.

Priya Rai, Angelina Valentine, and Nora Skyy, a new porn starlet from Valley Babes XXX, were on hand. The very popular adult board game "XXX Truth Or Dare" was also be there, and they had a few of the games there for the public to see, and play.                                                 

"This was our second month back with P71, we had a great time with them last month for our promotional party for the "Inside The Industry" anniversary party, and we were very impressed with the venue and staff, and we're expecting to have another great nite on the 9th", said James Bartholet .

The sexy designers over at XXX Truth or Dare have just stamped the final version of their latest board game, and this one takes the interactive experience to a whole new level. It's called Twist and Dare, and  is a sexy, physically interactive game based loosely on the iconic Twister

Twist and Dare comes complete with large plastic sheet which acts as the game board, detailed instructions, and a spinner board. Oil and lube are recommended, and don't forget to bring a towel! Luckily, the game board cleans up easily thanks to high quality plastic.

Twist and Dare begins with all the players taking off as much clothing as they dare and lining up on the feet icons, then the designated referee spins the spinner and the fun begins. Each player then moves their designated body part to the space indicated. If their face happens to end up near anything worth licking or sucking, players are encouraged to do so (it’s part of the instructions!). Finally, if a player falls off the mat they must remove a piece of clothing and start over. Repeat until all players are naked. Much like the rest of the games from XXX Truth or Dare, Twist and Dare is nearly impossible to win, but the game play is all the fun


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