iPorn's OktoberFest Features 3 Adult Starlets B'day Parties

Frank Thomas/Zander Kane-

Hollywood, Ca: King Ryan Events presented iPorn’s monthly nightclub event at Club Aura last Sunday Night and Adult News Flash was there with new correspondent, Zander Kane. The pre-halloween party was a celebration of iPorn’s brand awareness campaign. Mike Weis, C.E.O. of iPorn contracted with Hollywood’s most decorated promotion company, King Ryan Events, to spearhead iPorn’s popularity into the Stratosphere! With each monthly party there will be a brand new theme, a celebrity host, and a whole new outlook on how to party in Hollywood. Tonights party was the birthday celebration of three porn stars including, the very tall and volumptous, Lori Pleasure, owner of Wicked Temptations clothing and new comers Estrella Flores and Si Si Sinz.

Zander got to the venue around 9pm about an hour before I showed up with the adult news flash video camera, When I arrived the party the party was not really going. Zander met up with Dave from LA Direct who was there with two girls and he could not remember their names.

After arriving to the club, wandered onto the dance floor and got a big hug and kiss from hottie Raquel Sieb who was dressed in a sexy little red riding hood costume. I did not recognize her at first, and acutally had to ask Powder from Rudetv.com who she was. I then saw drinking buddy Jaylyn Rose who was dressed in sexy lingerie and was ready to party

There was a media board, but I did not recognize any of the media taking the pictures or video, so I made my way to the private section of the club. Porno Dan, who usually takes control of the media board was mellow and low key. I guess he was still experiencing jet lag after spending a week partying in Europe.

Zander then interviewed Elizabeth Starr, Biker Tommy Gunn and his brother ,Jere who just got back from the Love Ride and Benefit Concert which featured 80,000 biker.

Renauld from Adultcon was working the room talking to people about the upcoming convention December 5-7. Being a work and school night, Zander and I were about ready to take off when I we ran into frequent Adult News Flash host and Galaxy Publicist James Bartholet who was the two hot birthday girls, Si Si Sinz and Estrella Flores, who told us what they have been up to.

Lori Pleasure showed up when we were on our way out and she came dressed ready to party like only Lori can. She was topless exposing her "34 G" breasts with only black tape barely covering her nips. She tried to talk Zander into staying but he had to call it an early night because it was Sunday and he need to be up by 8am the next morning. Others at the party included Jenny Hendrix, Lord Blu, Kiara, Carly Marie & Karri "Momma Bear" Ann, Tommy Gunn, Tee Real, Daisey Marie, Gary Gottlieb from Stiletto Magazine, and Brooke Belle.

You can find more information about iPorn and the monthly events by visiting their website at www.iPorn.com.


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