House of Cleopatra Reality Show Launch Party Held on Nov 6th 2009

RIP Cleopatra of the Nile

House of Cleopatra is celebrating the launch of Cleopatra of the Nile's reality show featuring many different celebrities from the entire entertainment industry.
There are several stars who are scheduled to be there at the event to walk the red carpet and support Cleopatra’s chosen charity beneficiary:
DIEGO ANTOLINI – Italy’s biggest rising star from “Iron Knight” is coming to the US to debut a brand new movie and walk the red carpet as Cleopatra’s “Mark Antony” for the evening. Cleopatra has signed a deal to appear in a major motion picture with Antolini in 2010.
Brittanya: VH1's breakout reality star, DJ Lady Tribe: VH1's Rock of Love; Barry Rattcliffe: Nash Bridges and Nip Tuck; Adam Richmond: "Last Comic Standing"; To name a few.
Adam Richmond – Last Comic Standing
Vito Coto – girls going crazy!!
Ford Drum, six step and several other groups and bands.
More fabulous stars:
Nikki B: Supermodel; Shelley MIchelle: Body Double to the stars; Music Sensations: Dayda Bass; Leyva; Sharazad: Tenaj; All Destroyed Momentarily to name a few.
Other stars: La Cholita, Sincity Socialites: Lauralie and Juliette;
Wrestlers and title holders: Lenny Porterfield, Ben Maughan, Vic D Vine and others.


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