Conversations with Rebecca Steel

"All my best friends are crotch rocket racers"
--Gene Ross
Porn Valley- I met Rebecca Steel last week on the set of a Rob Spallone movie that was subsequently cancelled and re-scheduled for several days later. But that wouldn't have mattered to Steel anyway because she got a call that morning to grab a 4pm flight out of Los Angeles and high tail it to New York, so Steel had to leave.
Steel, a veteran of bikini contests, is repped by Besides parading around in two-piece swimwear, Steel has also competed in oil wrestling events and done commercials.
"I was a ring girl for a wrestling match for Shy Love and Rita Faltoyano in Denver," she says. "I went in there and hit it off with Shy and came to LA three days later." Steel's been in the business a year and has done at least 120 movies. What Steel hates about the business is boyfriends getting freaked out about porn.
"You're never secure with somebody because you're always traveling," she explains. "I hate that part of it but everything else I really love. It's like an art- sport fucking, I guess."
"The people in the industry, believe it or not, are some of the most amazing you'll ever meet in your life," she continues. "Seriously. There's artists of all kinds. Kurt Lockwood, man, he's amazing. He's an awesome performer. I just did a double vag scene with him and Jack Lawrence. It's an awesome movie." So far the craziest thing Steel's done on camera is toss a guy's salad.
"It was Kurt Lockwood- does it surprise you?" she laughs. "He's pretty hot. To be honest with you, I had no problem doing it. It's kind of gross but I liked it. And I love this business- it's pretty cool."
According to Steel, she's not your average LA girl.
"I do all the major motorcycle events and stuff; I'm the umbrella girl- I hang out with all the bikers I'm different from a lot of girls. One of my good friends is a racer for Pepsi with all the stock cars, so I'm going to be doing a lot of stuff with stock cars and stuff."
"I've always hung around racers," she continues. "All my best friends are crotch rocket racers at AMA. I grew up with a racer for 16 years. They're in my life, I travel with them- I go to all their races. I support them and they just do the same for me."
Her schedule apparently leaves little time for romance and Steel thinks she's had, maybe, three actual boyfriends.
"Because when I'm home with my kids, I just chill." Steel continues to commute from Denver and thinks that Gold Star is the best agency. "For me, anyway," she laughs. "Joel is awesome."
What Steel also likes about the industry is the fact that she's able to send her kids to really good schools.
"It's benefited my family 100% so it's affecting me good," she says. "I'm here for my kids and I love what I do. I don't get into drugs and watch how much I drink- sometimes. But I've been getting responsible. You have to live and learn. I'm young and it's all about learning. Now I know not to get drunk at parties."
Asked how she hooked up with Gold Star, Steel mentions Jack Venice and Johnny Castle.
"They took me there, they're like, 'they're really good. They're really good reps and stuff like that'. I met him that way because they're my good friends."

Steel has always been on her own and says her family is a little confused by her current choices because they're Catholic.
"It is what it is but they don't pay my bills so what are they going to do?" she states. "I'm a grown woman and I take care of myself." Steel's hopes are to make a lot of money and find some man whose sturdy enough to put up with her.
"Otherwise I'm focusing basically on my Internet stuff and doing a lot of content trades," she says. "It's going to be I get paid for all my content scenes and I own them. That's a plus. I'm going to work the Internet and do things that way. I'm also going to go to all the parties and network myself that way." Steel also says something about attending seminars to learn accounting.
"I think I'm going the right direction," she says.
Steel will be in Vegas signing for Cinderella at the AVN Expo this months and plans to sign CDs and posters.


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