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HOLLYWOOD, CA- Egoist Entertainment and Jennifer James got more than they bargained for when they combined forces to produce the fast paced hardcore Hollywood spoof eXXXtra eXXXtra on a downtown Los Angeles soundstage.  Dirty sex, Hollywood intrigue and real life pugilistic drama took place during the multi-day shoot leaving many in the cast and crew wondering if art had just imitated life or possibly the other way around.  Adult News Flash.com was invited to shoot Behind the Scenes and "B" roll for the film.  Below is a press release and some BTS Video footage.

You know, every once in a while you get some real life drama on set but the show must go on and in our case it certainly did with eXXXtra eXXXtra although we are now being referred to as having porn's most dangerous set by some, stated the movie's veteran director Jennifer James.

James was referring to a much publicized event that continues to get fresh attention involving the movie's leading man Kurt Lockwood who initiated a light shoving match with a notable porn journalist.

Kurt Lockwood Scuffle

The incident took place on the street below the sprawling loft style soundstage and played out in front of some cast and crew members and was captured on video tape which has made a splashy internet presence worldwide helping to promote the movie before it was even finished.
In eXXXtra eXXXtra,

Sunny Lane stars alongside Lockwood as two television hosts on a top rated entertainment show. What unfolds are wild times, celebrity sex scandals and intoxicating intrigue all playing out in graphic living color on the giant in-studio screen.
"This movie was really fun to make, I had a blast working with Brian and Jennifer stated the movie's cheery starlet Sunny Lane. Lane was referring to Brian Scott the confident Texan who is executive producing the movie as a first co-venture with Jennifer James Films.

"I'm having a great time working on this feature and I think eXXXtra eXXXtra will be the type of adult movie that keeps you riveted to your seat. The girls are absolutely gorgeous and the script is really funny and all of this attention has certainly been more than I bargained for", Scott said in reference to the movie's colorful cast, story and extra curricular activities.

In addition to Lane and Lockwood, Audrey Hollander, Nikki Benz, Kelly West, Racheal Roxxx, Lexi Love, James Dean, Otto Bauer and Nick Manning round out a stellar cast of porn star elite. Actor James Bartholet delivers an award-worthy non-sex performance as the humorous TV stage manager.

"In ten years of directing porn features, this has been the best cast I ever worked with", James said heaping heavy praise on not only the cast's sexual prowess but their acting chops as well. I'm not happy that this incident took place outside the studio though but the movie is great.

"The police have decided not to pursue this and I'm content with leaving it at that," Lockwood said. "It's really hard to believe everything you read and anyone who has been so overly concerned needs to get a life".

James happily reflected on working with Brian Scott. "Brian is from mainstream production. It was great working with him and Egoist Entertainment because he, like myself believes not only in hot, raw sexuality, but in all those other things our business seems to have forgotten…like seduction, romance, beauty, sensuality, great production values, cool stories and doing business with integrity."

EXXXtra EXXXtra will be released on DVD this summer and distributed by LFP Video and will no doubt be a familiar title to many by the time it hits stores. It will be ready for broadcast and VOD distribution deals worldwide via Egoist Entertainment.

If you're looking for something extra in your porn, don't miss eXXXtra eXXXtra because Hollywood is watching.  art had just imitated life or possibly the other way around.

Audrey Hollander,  Lexi Love 

and Nikki Benz

eXXXtra eXXXtra


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