The Lisa Ann Talent Interviews III

Conversation with Darryl Hanah

"Im an Elegant Whore; a Sophisticated Slut"

- Frank Thomas -

I first noticed Darryl Hanah at the 2006 AVN convention in Vegas where I noticed this tall leggy blonde wearing just pasties and some body paint at the convention and later at an after party. So, I was glad to see that she was coming in to talk to Adult News and the EMM agency for the Lisa Ann Talent interviews. Of course, the conversation started with a discussion about the mainstream actress, "Darryl Hannah" and how they are similar and different. She said she changed the spelling a bit and so far has had not problem. She respects the mainstream Hannah and her film work.

Darryl Hanah revealed that she got into porn because as a "dirty girl" it was the next logical step. She had been in restaruant management and the restaurant she was manageing hosted the Free Speech Coalition for three years so she got to know alot of people in the business. At that time everything she did was adult related so she jumped into doing scenes about two years ago. She considers herself a freak and loves to masterbate and is game for almost anything, as long as it is safe. "Im an Elegant Whorel; a Sophisticated Slut"

When Daryl first got into the business she went by another name. Her agent at the time decided to give her a celebrity name. Darly was repped by Lauren Phoenix originally and found out at the AEE awards show that Phoenix was closing shop.and she had to find a new agent which happened to be Harry Weiss of ASS Inc., who was the one interviewing Hanah during the show. Daryl said she met Weiss at AEE and had a great time.

Daryl is is a self-proclaimed pornophile and shares porn as a hobby with her husband of 15 years,. who is also talen with the Lisa Ann Agency. Daryl also tends to buy little stripper outfits for fun.

Daryl had performed in 60 scenes at the time of this interview. She hasn't had a chance to work with too many people; but her first scene with Sean Michaels was amazing "I was pleased to be broken in properly," she said. Otherwise, Darly's been working on Internet content with her husband. Asked if she squirted, Hanah said she does but wouldn't begin to compare herself with Cytherea.

When asked about meeting her husband, she said "I was sexually aggressive and attacked him when I was about 18," she laughed. "I asked him to marry me not even realizing I wanted to be a married woman. And here we are years later."

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