The Lisa Ann Talent Interviews IV

Inside the Mind of Gwen Diamond

- Frank Thomas -

A few months back Adult News Flash and EMM spent the afternoon at the Lisa Ann Talent agency where we interviewed Victoria Valentino, Kaylee King and Daryl Hannah, and Gwen Diamond. After being surprised that this was a video taped interview Gwen said " if I would have known, I would have worn makeup", then she sat down with her little dog and did not talking for the next 45 minutes. I have met Gwen many times at parties, at AVN, and on the red carpet, but never really spent time talking with her. What I took away from this interiew was that she exudes personality, sexualtiy, confidence, intelegence and seems to have her act together for a young porn star.

Gwen was born in a hippie town in Arizona, but after the split of her parents, spent her time between Arizona and Kansas. She is an only child and a self-proclaimed "spoiled little bitch".

Gwen has been in the business for about a year and a half. Right after high school she moved to LA and started taking acting classes then started dancing and the next progression was do so porn.

Before she started stripping, and before she moved to L.A., she taught Sunday school. "I've always been involved with charity work. I did a lot of work for United Way, Meals on Wheels, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters. I've always loved helping people. I was a tutor. I was involved with an after-school help program as a mentor, which is kind of awkward because all the kids are probably 14 or 15 now and discovering porn, and very likely, me."

Gwen is one of the few young porn stars that is planning for the future. She says the only reason shed oes this job is because she enjoys it. "I don't do it for the money. I don't even see most of the money that I make, I just put it away into savings."

Gwen went on to talk about everything, her friends, family, high school, religion, money, sex, and about the business.

Gwen Diamond is nominated for this weeks "Hottest Girl In Porn" so click on the pic above to vote.

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