A Naked Coversation with Kitty Bella

Frank Thomas -

Porn Valley - Adult News Flash sat down with 19 year old LA Direct Model, Kitty Bella after shooting her in a boy/girl scene for Houston based Double H productions. Kitty is a statuesque, soft spoken, leggy brunette with natutral 34 d breasts. It was to my pleasant suprise that Kitty wanted to do the interview completely naked. A Floriada native, Kitty has been doing porn for less than a year. She travels between her home in the Miami area and Los Angeles for work and she has been busy having preformed in more than 65 scenes to date. In Florida she worked with Girlz,Inc. and is now represented through LA Direct Models.

Kitty Bella grew up in a home with "hippie" parents and was a wild child. She did not spend a lot of time in high school and basically moved out of her parent's home at 17. She developed into her 34 D check at a young age and was popular with the boys. She lost her virginity at 14 to a school crush. She never really thought about getting into the adult entertainment business until she stepped into a strip club at 18 and she knew this was what she wanted to do.

While dancing at South Florida Strip clubs she would be approached by porn producers asking if she wanted to get into the porn business. It was a boyfriend who talked her into doing her first scene with him. She said that first scene was not a positive experience and never worked with this boyfriend again. She did continue doing scenes and says she is having a great time.

Kitty has some interesting tattoos and body art. Aside from the usual belly and tounge piercing, she recently has a stud peircing in the middle of her upper chest. When asked if having a stud plaed in the chest, she said it did hurt, but she used mind control and told herself that it did not hurt. Right above her left breast, Kitty had her best girl friend's red lip print tatooded right above her left breast.

Kitty Belly can be booked at L.A. Direct Models and you can see more of her at her my space site. www.myscape.com/kittykillab


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