The Lisa Ann Talent Interviews II

Conversations with Kylee King

The next talent Lisa Ann Management sent in to talk with Adult News and EMM was Kylee King. I first met Kylee at the 2006 Erotica LA/All Media Play's after party at the Day After club. She came on the red carpet with a big smile and sexy white blouse which she gladly opened for the hordes of media. I then ran into her at many parties and events, but never had the chance to interview her until we sat down at the offices of Lisa Ann Talent Management.

Kylee was a former school teacher from Orange County, who got in the business after getting bord with life which led her to attend an adult convention in LA as a fan. The next day after the convention she d shot her first girl girl scene and started out with Derek with LA Direct Models. She is now with LIsa Ann and has been with Seymore Butts ' Lighthouse Talent Agency for a year.

After 2 1/2 years in the business, Kylee is still a normal girl who also works part time at a popular nigtclub on the Sunset Strip. Kylee said that she was a little out of control when she first got into the business, spending every dime she made, on " who knows what" ( she knows), but now is older and wiser and treating this as a business. As with the other Lisa Ann talent we talked to, she has a level head, and has realistic view of the business with goals, limitations and a view for the future. Kylee only will do two scenes a week and works four days at the club, which causes a problem sometimes in scheduling, so book her in advance.

I found Kylee real, honest and very motivated in what she wants in life. She does not have her web site up as of yet, as she wants it to be built right but that will be, not .net and her my space site is

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