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Adult News Flash's Frank Thomas met Mahina Zaltana at a party and after the party we got together for an interview where she opened up about how she went from being a financial manager to porn star. Mahina is a hot latina who is sexty, smart and funny.

   Here is a bio from  I was born and raised in Ohio to an odd couple; a sheriff and biker lady.  My parents divorced before I was one and my mother re-married to a biker dude.  As a kid I loved playing at my step fathers' cycle barn full of old junked cars & motorcycles with my little sis.   My favorite outings were spent at biker swap meets where I fell in love with loud roaring engines, loud music and admired the women in wet T contests. 

     I’ve always been very sexual even as a kid I discovered my body at a very young age.  Growing up I had several boyfriends and fucked every single one of them since the age of 10.  I was known for ditching school and sneaking out at night just to get fucked no matter how many nails were hammered into my bedroom window or how many ass beatings I endured.
   My little sister and I were little hell raisers constantly getting into trouble for fighting and doing dumb ass shit like fucking with federal property.  Not as cool as it sounds; we ripped out mail boxes and landed ourselves in juvi and on an awesome field trip to the Womens' State Penitentiary.  To straighten our asses out my mother moved us to southern Cali to live with my mean ass Aunt where I met my ex-husband at my high school. 

     I had a daughter at 19 after high school graduation married my high school sweetie at 22 after college and left him at 25.  Need I say I’m not exactly a one man woman?  

     I’ve wanted to model when I viewed the 1985 edition of Playboy Magazine where my favorite artist hit the cover; deep within her naked beautiful body was sprawled out amongst the center fold pages.   I’ve spun pizza dough, slopped burgers together and slaved to bullshit office jobs.  It wasn’t until April of 2010 when my dream became reality.   I did my first scene for and took Justin Longs’ humongous cock like a pro!

    My first girl experience was just a few months ago and I went all balls out!  A five girl orgy!  I enjoy motor boating almost as much as I love sucking cock!

    Lately I’ve been enjoying the sweet BDSM life style as a submissive and will be a switch very soon!  

    Being a filthy slut most of my life has definitely been natural for me!  I belong in porno flicks!

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