Candid Talk with Serena Marcus

Photo courtesy of Rick Garcia

- Frank Thomas

Serena Marcus stopped by the studios where we sat down for a candid talk about her life, family and the business. Serena is a feisty blonde of Puerto Rican/Italian decent and is a sexual fireball. She has been in the adult film business for five years, but has been dancing and doing bachelor parties way before she was out of high school. She is close to her grandmother, but was out of the house at 15 after she got pregnant. She started dancing at a private paties when she was 16, where she said she was making 10k a month. Asked if she had a fake ID, she replied no as she was friends with the owner of the business. She spent a lot of money on cars and partying and on her kid. She went through many cars, crashing a truck, and her convertible.

Serena lives near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and started thinking about getting into the adult industry when she was about 17. One day she was in a video store and picked a copy of AVN magazine and saw a profile of Mr. Marcus. They corresponded for a while and then Mr. Marcus flew her out to LA and introduced her to World Modeling. She did not want to use her real name and they would not let her leave the agency until she had a stage name. She was already going by Serena dancing so, Mr. Marcus suggested that she use his last name, and thus Serena Marcus the porn star was born. When she arrived in LA, she had just turned 18, got her AIMS test and performed in 10 scenes that first week. She thought her first scene would be a gonzo, but no, she was on the set of a Hustler feature with cameras, speaking lines and a group of 20 people on set. She was a little embarrassed at first.

Photos courtesy of Rick Garcia

When Serena is not out in California shooting, she is a cheerleading coach for young girls. She also runs a stable of local girls who do massages and bachelor parties on the side. When asked if any of the parents of her students know what she does in her other life, she told me that one father did, but he could not say anything because she had some dirt on him. So he keeps quiet.

One of Serena's Marcus specialties is squirting. She talked about her good friend, squirt queen Cytheria and then proceed to drop her booty shorts and show her technique to achieve the ultimate squirt. She then lifted up her shirt to reveal her paid for breasts and gave her philosophy on why she waited until she was 19 to get a boob job.

Adult News Flash first became acquainted with Serena at Erotica LA where she was signing for Tee Reel at the Rockman bus. I was shooting for Howard Stern and had Blu (one of Gary Garver's wack pack) with me doing wacky interviews and Serena played along giving Blu a hickey that took up the whole side of his neck. She left him with a flash of her boobs and a kick in the ass. (Click to see more)

Serena was also a standout at the Gus Freelance BBQ party at Forbidden city on July 1st. (Click to view BBQ). A couple days after we shot this interview, we were off to Ozzfest with Laeh Lexington for a day of partying with the metal heads at the I Love Vagina clothing booth at the Ozzie concert in San Bernardino. (Click to see more)

Serena is one of the 2007 Mofo wear girls and she recently did a model shoot for Cappello clothing company. Serena has three websites in the work including (coming soon) and is now building content. Serena can be heard on Lunatic this Monday August 25th at 9pm eastern 6pm pacific time.

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