ANF Conversation with Tabitha Stevens

Frank Thomas -

I have known of Tabitha Stevens for years, mainly as a frequent guest on the Howard Stern show. I first met her when she hosted PSK a couple months ago, and again when I came home and she was shooting content for her website, After the shoot we sat down and she opened up about her life, coming back into the industry, plastic surgery, and being a regular on the Howard Stern Show.

Tabitha got into the adult industry in 1995 and was active in the porn industry for ten years, appearing in more than two hundred films. D. She came to wider public notoriety with her appearances on The Howard Stern Show, and her openness about her numerous plastic surgeries. On her website she describes herself as a "plastic surgery junkie" and provides a list of the many procedures she has undergone:

  • 6 boob jobs
  • 3 nose jobs
  • 2 cheek implant surgeries
  • 1 under-the-nose implant
  • 1 chin implant
  • 1 fat transfer from her right leg to her entire face.
  • Frequent Botox treatments
  • Frequent restalyne injections in her lips
  • 1 nose implant
  • Restalyne injections in smile lines
  • Anal bleaching

On March 27, 2008,announced Tabitha Stevens' return as a hardcore adult performer with a $5,000 blowjob scene in the upcoming Head Case #4. Stevens' scene was filmed Friday, March 28, 2008, breaking her near six year hiatus from hardcore film performance. Her friend of 13 years, director Mike Quasar (AKA 'Quasarman') directed the film.

On May 14, 2008 Stevens appeared on the Howard Stern Show, participating in a bit "What would Tabitha Do?". The bit posed a series of lewd questions, to see what she would or would not do in order to appear on the Howard Stern Show.


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